dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Subject of the Day : WHY NOT WRITE ME WHAT YOU WANT ?

something smoothy...

or more

rude ...

mixed ?

I will read messages one by one with interrest & reply to it !

7 commentaires:

crumpet0552 a dit…

Please enclose more pics of hairy guys - personally I don't like hairless guys so much, especially if they are twinks. My ideal is the 2nd "leather" guy down on your sidebar, the guy with sunglasses, hairy chest and stubble. Parfait!

Jeremy a dit…

Hy Tefnoutt

have a look at my "last pictures of the day"
(at the buttom of my blog)
and you can see, what I prefere ... :-)


Jeremy a dit…

... and 2 x 5 stars at "best male blogs"
Jeremy :-)

Leatherpigboy a dit…

you know me hairy, leather, ink love it all

Ray's Cowboy a dit…

Your blog is wonderful. I would love to see a picture of the author. I hop eyou haev a wonderful day today.

harry a dit…

Love the hairy chests, myself. Not at all into shaved pubes.

Torontonian a dit…

I rather prefer the first person.
He's quite handsome and that type of body and visage, I admire greatly.

I'd love him for a weekend.